Full recipe: blog.maangchi.com Su jung gwa is a Korean traditional beverage made with dried persimmons, ginger, cinnamon and sugar. It tastes sweet and a little spicy and when you serve this you usually sprinkle some pine nuts on it. You can drink this as a dessert. Yield: 4 -5 servings Ingredients: 4-5 dried persimmons, 5-6 cinnamon sticks, ginger (half cup sliced), 1 cup of sugar, a few pine nuts, and 7 cups of water. 1. Peel the ginger skin, wash it, and slice it to make half cup. 2. Place the ½ cup of sliced ginger into a pot or kettle. 3. Rinse 5-6 cinnamon sticks and put them into the pot. 4. Add 7 to 7½ cups of water and boil for 20 minutes over high heat. 5. Lower the heat to medium and boil it for another 25 minutes. If it boils over, take off the lid. 6. Add 1 cup of sugar. Stir it and cool it down. 7. Remove the stem of each persimmon and wash them. 8. Remove the cinnamon sticks and sliced ginger from the tea using a colander. 9. Pour it into a glass jar or glass bowl and add the cleaned dried persimmons. 10. Cover the lid and keep it in the refrigerator for at least 12 hours. It will keep for a couple of days. 11. Serve cold with ice cubes. Use a ladle to give each person a small bowl of punch. Each serving should have one persimmon in it with a few pine nuts sprinkled on top.

Source: Korean dessert (sujeonggwa) (Youtube).

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